Use Case Template

Purpose:The Use Case Specification will drive communication between the business and development team. Use Case Specifications provide a way to represent the user requirements that align with the system’s business requirements. They are specified in non-technical language and enable ordering, grouping and prioritization techniques. The Use Case document should be used to convey user and Read more about Use Case Template[…]

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Template

Purpose:A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) contains a set of instructions for carrying out a specific technique. The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Template can be utilised for any technique, but this guide is designed to be generic in nature and applicable to a host of different business applications.  

Business Continuity Plan Template

Purpose:This Business Continuity Plan (BCP) document identifies the strategies, functional areas, procedures and resources which will be used to respond to any short or long-term disruption to essential business procedures. Also included is a Business Contingency Test Template. Please feel free to utilise our Business Continuity Plan Template

Steps involved in writing a Requirements Definition

The Requirements Definition document contains a list of all functions and constraints of a system along with short descriptions for each. The detailed descriptions are provided in the Requirements Specification document. The descriptions in the Requirements Definition are customer oriented and are prepared by a business analyst. The Requirements Definition document will contain the following Read more about Steps involved in writing a Requirements Definition[…]

What should be included in an Agenda for a Project Meeting?

Generally, the participants of a project meeting are two or more of the following personnel – project manager, team leaders, developers, testers, senior management staff of the organization executing the project and representatives of the customer. For a meeting to be effective and satisfactory to all stakeholders the meeting agenda should be planned and shared Read more about What should be included in an Agenda for a Project Meeting?[…]

Project Work Breakdown Structure

Project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a hierarchical listing of the individual work elements of a project. Breaking up a project into smaller components facilitates project management. Preparation of a WBS is one of the key steps in project planning. In order to create a WBS, list the objectives of the project and decide upon Read more about Project Work Breakdown Structure[…]

How to effectively define Project Scope

Project Scope refers to the list of agreed deliverables, features expected in the final product, processes that have been mutually agreed upon and the boundary within which project related activities will be executed. The scope indicates the goals that have to be met for system acceptance. The steps involved in defining project scope are as Read more about How to effectively define Project Scope[…]