June 24, 2012


If you have a question that is not answered here please contact Doctonic to send us your enquiry.

What is ‘Doctonic’?

Doctonic is an online service designed to alleviate the burden of documentation on business. Those involved in the creation of Doctonic recognise the impact that sub-standard or delayed documentation has on business. Documentation need not be difficult. Doctonic aims to assist business in creating powerful documentation to enhance both corporate and personal image.

Where is Doctonic located?

Doctonic is based in Adelaide, Australia however we operate solely as an online business with professionals located throughout Australia and the rest of world. Doctonic‘s online business model allows for flexibility, lower customer costs and access to broad skill sets.

What experience do you have?

Doctonic employs professional writers with varying experience and backgrounds. These include, business analysts, systems analysts, copywriters, technical writers, editors, proofreaders and so on. Our business model allows us to utilize the most suitable professionals for the optimal job-person fit.

What does the term ‘technical writing’ mean?

Technical writing conveys explanatory detail or instruction in relation to a product or solution (e.g. computer software, finance, websites, gadgets). A skilled technical writer provides clarity and ensures that logic prevails. Without losing meaning, the level of complexity is ultimately removed when conveying technical concepts.

How can I engage Doctonic?

Simply contact Doctonic via email to arrange an obligation-free discussion with a Doctonic consultant.

What are your rates and how do you charge?

We offer a number of options for quoting a project. Depending on your requirements, we generally make an fixed-priced quote based on an hourly rate.

Do you have a question that is not answered here? Contact Doctonic to send us your enquiry.